Our Mission

Pixujob’s mission is to help young people feel more connected to their communities and feel more productive as members of society through securing employment.  

Our app aims to make it easier to find a job by creating a profile using videos, images and captions to show who you are to an employer rather than the traditional resume.  The traditional resume falls short on really showing who you are and what you’re all about.  Videos and images can.  

Using a map you can find jobs and view employer profiles.  Apply with one click once you have at least 8 images or videos in your profile.

How did PixuJob Start?

We developed Pixujob out of a need to improve how we screen and select employees.  After recruiting hundreds of youth, we know that the resume is a poor vehicle for screening candidates.  It is difficult if not impossible to know what a candidate is like from their resume.  The best way to find out has been to meet a candidate, until now.  We wanted to eliminate the need to troll social media, and to improve the time it takes to find the best candidate.  We believe that videos, images and their captions improve the screening process and gives the employer an excellent insight into a possible candidate.  We also wanted to provide a cheaper and easier way for employers to find candidates.   We felt that young people with no direct experience for a job still have many amazing qualities and experience that can be brought to life so well in pictures.  So Pixujob was born.

The phone and the camera are the new vehicle for capturing your story on the go, every minute that presents itself as an opportunity, you can capture it on your phone.  You already have so much of your life captured, so now it’s easy to add it to your profile.  


Helping Australian Youth

Unemployment rates are higher in the under 25 age group.  Many studies have identified that having a job provides youth with benefits both practical and intangible.  In addition to the primary financial benefits that employment provides, there are many additional benefits that contribute positively to youth in the short and long term.   Finding and securing employment helps young people gain valuable skills as well as helping their mental health*.  From our inception we have been actively working to get more youth into employment.  


Helping Regional Australian Youth

We are especially passionate about helping regional youth find employment.  As a result, we are a free service for regional employers to use to find workers.  We hope that by offering this service, together with our novel and unique way for young people to market themselves through images and videos will combine to get more young regional people into jobs.  We hope that we can have a positive impact on bettering lives of our regional youth.   


* 2015, Roy Morgan Research.  For more information on our research please contact us at hello@pixujob.com


How PixuJob works

PixuJob works on connecting job seekers and employers based on visual profiles. See what employers you'd like to work for by reviewing their profile and then apply with one click on the 'Apply Now' button associated with the job you want. You'll then be contacted by the employer 

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