Financial Independence, Retire Early (F.I.R.E)

A movement popular among young people is growing. Known as Financial Independence, Retire Early, it is dedicated to extreme savings and investment that allows young people to retire earlier and live their dream retirement.

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There are a variety of known methods to grow your own F.I.R.E including:

- “Fat F.I.R.E” - this refers to an individual with a more traditional lifestyle who saves more than the average retirement investor

- “Lean F.I.R.E” - this refers to stringent adherence to minimalist living and extreme savings, necessitating a far more restricted lifestyle

- “Barista F.I.R.E” - this refers to followers who have quit their traditional 9-to-5 job, but still employ some form of part-time work to cover current expenses that would otherwise erode their retirement fund

- “Coast F.I.R.E” - this also applies to followers with a part-time job, but these proponents do have enough saved to fund their retirement and current living expenses.

By working more than one job, committing to saving 70% of these wages, young people may be working more hours but in 30 years time they will have saved enough to be able to retire early and work part-time or not work at all.

PixuJob was created with the mission to increase youth employment and educate young people on how to create a live profile to #beyourself. By doing so, centennials are given the opportunity to access all types of jobs whether it be casual or full-time, allowing them to save more and being part of the F.I.R.E movement.

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Living your dream life. This is exactly what the F.I.R.E movement is all about.

What are your thoughts on this movement? Would you like to retire early?

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