Impact of youth unemployment

Youth unemployment generally refers to people aged between 15 to 24 years old who are not in employment.

For many school leavers who choose to continue studying, generally speaking, full-time work is out of the picture due to their study timetable which is where part-time or casual work comes into play. It can be hard to find a job around studies as being a full-time university student leaves little time to work . Recently, the ABS conducted surveys surrounding youth unemployment, and this is what they found:

From this graph, it is evident that the youth unemployment rate has decreased vastly across the years. However, this doesn’t take into account the type of job and the number of centennials now studying which is a reason some may find it difficult to find a job.

Studies have clearly shown youth unemployment has a negative impact on centennials mental health. In 2015, Roy Morgan Research released findings that found as the youth unemployment rate rose, mental health issues among young people simultaneously rose. These findings showed there had been a 9.7% increase in the rate of stress as well as 9.1% increase in depression amongst young Australians since 2010.

Angela Smith, the Group Account Director of the Roy Morgan Research says, “At this critical stage of a young person’s life and career, failure to find a job can have serious implications on their self-esteem and general mental health. It is not a coincidence that stress, anxiety, depression and even panic attacks have skyrocketed over the past five years maong 18-24 years old as unemployment rises.”

Due to high unemployment rates and growth in mental stress and anxiety amongst centennials, it means they are more vulnerable to being locked out of the workforce. Young Australians are continuing their studies for a longer period of time leaving them more qualified but are still unemployed or underemployed.

PixuJob was created to help reduce youth unemployment and provide a platform where centennials are given the opportunity to create a visual profile of themselves using their pictures and videos. The app also allows youth to input their available hours to work to make it easier and quicker for employers to see when they can work. Applicants can search for jobs close to them using a map and see a complete profile of an employer and the job role they are seeking to be filled in their profile.

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