AI and Jobs

Just saw this article on 9News

AI could replace millions of Australian jobs, report warns

Do we win or do we lose?

While AI can be scary for the process based jobs, we can't stop technology from evolving to a point where they automate and replace human actions applied to a particular job. However, there are alot of tasks that AI cannot do, such as jobs in the Arts, perfection in a coffee, or anything emotional that makes you laugh.

At Resupix and within Pixujob - job search, our AI tech focuses on searching the most suitable job for you based on your pictures. While we can see some AI tech replacing jobs, we can also see how your job (if affected) can be suited to another role above what the AI tech can do. This is done by our algorithm and models to place you so that we eliminate the jobs that would be possibly replace other jobs.

We use AI for the benefit of good placement into jobs and suitability. It lends it self to ensuring job satisfaction and longevity of a job.

It does however mean that you will have to do a little more to improve yourself to allow what we do to help. And this is as simple as what you do today on your phone with the pictures that you take so easily. With 10 pictures, you can define yourself in the work place and show the value you have to a prospective employer. Get started -

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